Alternative Living : Tiny House Storage Solutions

Alternative Living : Tiny House Storage Solutions

Some of you might not know, but my partner Tom and I are in the process of planning and funding our very own ‘Tiny House’ build starting in the new year.  If you haven’t heard of the tiny house movement, the idea is that you create a little house on the back of a flatbed trailer, which counts in the eyes of the law as an RV or motorhome.  This allows you to create your own moveable home without the need of applying for planning permission or hiring an architect.  Tiny home’s are becoming more and more common, in particular in the US, but the movement has also been gaining momentum in Australia in recent years.

I have been interested in alternative living options since I was a teenager and thought for sometime that I would own my own van, but when I saw my first photos of these beautiful little tiny homes that include everything you could need, I just knew that this is the way that we should go.  For me owning and building a tiny home allows me the freedom to lower my cost of living dramatically, escape the rental market, own my own space, and be able to move my home throughout the country.  This is something that Tom and I have been aiming towards for a couple of years now and we’re both so excited that we’re getting closer to the build start date!

In the eyes of the law tiny homes are considered to be caravans, so are restricted in size.  Tom and I will be building out tiny house on the back of a 7.2m x 2.4m trailer, so you can imagine that downsizing and also coming up with clever storage solutions are a very important part of the process.

Today I want to talk about tiny house storage and share some of the amazing ways that people include storage solutions into their tiny homes.

Storage Stairs


Image from Small House Bliss


Image from Tiny House Talk


Image from Tiny House Swoon

Storage Sofas


Image from Treehugger


Image from DIY House Building


Image from Tiny House Talk

Hidden Storage


Image from Tiny House Talk


Image from Homedit


Image from Tiny House Swoon

I hope that you found this inspiration post interesting! I love looking at and considering different design features that we could include in our tiny home and I know that a number of you many also be considering alternative living options such as van-life or building/buying your own tiny home.  I’d love to hear from you if you are planning your own alternative living options.

Tom and I will likely be including many of these storage ideas into our own build.  I have plans to share our build progress on this platform so I look forward to sharing more tiny house inspiration and resources with you in the future!

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Alternative Living : Why Go ‘Tiny’?

Alternative Living : Why Go ‘Tiny’?


One of the main reasons that Tom and I have chosen to build a Tiny House instead of say a cob house or timber framed house is because it allows us the ability to change our mind about where we want to live, it allows us to change the views from our kitchen window from city scape to crashing waves or green fields.

We’re still both quite excited by city life, though we do love to escape regularly and breath some fresh air.  There’s still the pull of finding new cafe’s and tasting their own version of a chai latte, or taking in a yoga class at the last minute.  But there is the call of beach life on the horizon, with us both loving the ocean and wanting to live close to it.  Building a tiny house allows us the luxury of trial and error.  We can move our home where-ever there is space for it, and luckily it’s pretty small!

We’re both not in a financial situation to be able to buy land (though it’s certainly my dream at some point in the future) so being able to move and borrow or rent land from others is a great option for us. We haven’t yet looked very closely at the places available to us when parking our tiny house, but we know that in the beginning we still want to soak in some more city life.  This means finding larger garden spaces available to us in the Melbourne area.  This is a process of the planning that I’m really looking forward to sharing with you as there is very little information online about finding a landing space for a tiny home here in Australia.  I’ll be sure to share resources as we search for them ourselves.  One of my aims with this blog is to create a handy collection of resources for Australian tiny house lovers so that we can share advice and tips together as a community.

If you’d like to connect further with us then head on over to our Instagram account @thelittlehome.oz to follow along in our adventure!

Alternative Living : The dream to build our own home

Alternative Living : The dream to build our own home

In this inaugural post I decided on sharing with you a major reason for why we’re deciding to downsize everything we own and ‘Go Tiny’!  Why would we aspire to downsize, spend thousands of dollars and make by hand our own home?

Firstly, I want to tell you a little story.  When I was younger my mother and I would move around a lot, in fact (fun fact) I had lived in 11 homes by the time that I was just 11 years old.  Now, you’d think that this could have been quite a negative experience, not having those roots in a house and having to move our belongings so regularly but in fact it was quite the opposite.  I learnt how to really ‘nest’ in new spaces, how to enjoy new cities, new countries, how to quickly make a house a home with little trinkets that I took from place to place, a handmade quilt on the bed, some old photograph-memories blue tacked to the wall.

I’ve always been very creative and from a young age I was inspired to create my own home and that imaginary home has changed and shifted in my mind over the years.  As I got older my love of new places blossomed again and what started as a brick and mortar house in my mind, soon shifted to include forms of alternative housing that I could make with my own hands like cob houses and wooden structures.  Again this shifted as I started to travel more and I started to yearn for a form of housing that allowed for movement from place to place as my needs and wants for different environments changed.

Tom’s story is quite different.  Where as I always moved, Tom had lived his whole childhood days in one beautiful home, a little converted timber church up in the hills outside of Melbourne, that had been fully built by his parents as he was growing up.  Tom’s dad is one of those kinda folks who can mend anything if he sets his mind to it and his mum is constantly looking for the next thing to upgrade and renovate.  It’s a pretty magical place and is on  of our beautiful escapes when we need a change of pace from city life.

This brings me nicely to my main point, that in our own ways we both came at the same magical idea of wanting to build our own home.  With our own hands.  We knew it’d be hard but we also knew it’d be fun and rewarding and pretty magical to create our own space together, knock in every nail, sawing every board. We want the magic of living in a space that is 100% made for use, just exactly as we want it and going tiny for us is the route to reach that goal!

Stay tuned for more reasons why we’ve chosen to pursue this lifestyle! You can follow along on our adventures by checking out our instagram page @thelittlehome.oz