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Alternative Living : Why Go ‘Tiny’?

Alternative Living : Why Go ‘Tiny’?


One of the main reasons that Tom and I have chosen to build a Tiny House instead of say a cob house or timber framed house is because it allows us the ability to change our mind about where we want to live, it allows us to change the views from our kitchen window from city scape to crashing waves or green fields.

We’re still both quite excited by city life, though we do love to escape regularly and breath some fresh air.  There’s still the pull of finding new cafe’s and tasting their own version of a chai latte, or taking in a yoga class at the last minute.  But there is the call of beach life on the horizon, with us both loving the ocean and wanting to live close to it.  Building a tiny house allows us the luxury of trial and error.  We can move our home where-ever there is space for it, and luckily it’s pretty small!

We’re both not in a financial situation to be able to buy land (though it’s certainly my dream at some point in the future) so being able to move and borrow or rent land from others is a great option for us. We haven’t yet looked very closely at the places available to us when parking our tiny house, but we know that in the beginning we still want to soak in some more city life.  This means finding larger garden spaces available to us in the Melbourne area.  This is a process of the planning that I’m really looking forward to sharing with you as there is very little information online about finding a landing space for a tiny home here in Australia.  I’ll be sure to share resources as we search for them ourselves.  One of my aims with this blog is to create a handy collection of resources for Australian tiny house lovers so that we can share advice and tips together as a community.

If you’d like to connect further with us then head on over to our Instagram account @thelittlehome.oz to follow along in our adventure!

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