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Tiny house build: How are we funding our tiny house?

Tiny house build: How are we funding our tiny house?

So it’s been an incredibly busy month settling into our new work patterns and transitioning from our city life back to the country. Today I wanted to share some Tiny House progress and also get a little more personal with how we are funding our Tiny House build.

One of the questions that I always want to ask people is how they managed to fund their Tiny House or van lifestyles.  I think it’s so natural to get concerned about the financial aspects of these crazy life decisions that we make and today I wanted to share a little more about the solutions we have found to fund our Tiny House build!

Almost exactly 1 month ago we moved all of our things from our little nest in the city, piling our possessions into our old Brumby ute and driving the 2 hours to Tom’s family property on the tablelands of the Strathbogie Ranges. We are very lucky that Tom was born and raised in the country on a property that is not only stunningly beautiful but also has enough spare land for us to be able to build our Tiny House here and not be too in the way.

For the past month, we have both been settling back into country life and really started to crack on with the funding and designing phases of our build.  We are determined to start our build by the end of January at the latest so we have given ourselves a little over 4 months to come up with the funds that we will need to complete the build.  This seems like a crazy short amount of time to set aside such a large amount of money but thankfully whilst living here we are paying minimal rent and are also living on a beautiful property with productive organic vegetable gardens.  In exchange for putting some time into the gardens with Tom’s parents, we have access to a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables that help us to keep our relatively high food bills down as low as possible.

We are hoping to be able to cobble together $25-30,000 before our build starts.  This is a mammoth amount of money for us as neither of us has huge amounts of savings.  We both had put aside $4,000 whilst living and working in the city which was a great start but to be able to make this build at least liveable in we really needed to start making some good money!

So for the next 4 months, Tom and I are working at a local Cherry packing shed where we will earn the remainder of the funds that we need.  We have been part of this very seasonal business for the last 5 years and both have well-paid roles as Assistant Packing Manager and Shop Manager.  I also am supplementing my income with my 2 days a week role as an online SEO project manager for the UK based SEO/Marketing business, Business Shine.

For the past month, I have been helping Tom with maintenance duties in the huge packing sheds, getting everything ready for the upcoming season.  The word is hard and very labor intensive and I find it really mentally and physically challenging but it’s amazing to see our tiny house build become a reality with every paycheck.  There is something magical about saving up and working hard for something that will give you and your partner so much freedom in the long run.

We are just on the cusp of hours starting to dramatically increase and have been desperately trying to squeeze in any designing time that we can before the Cherry harvest season really starts in less than 2 weeks.  From then on it will be long days, especially for Tom, who will often work 11-14 hour days 7 days a week during the season.  I will be working hard too, and spending any extra time that I have helping around the house, tending to the garden and working on keeping you all updated with our progress!

We’re so happy that you’re following along on this exciting journey and we’re really looking forward to sharing more Tiny House build related posts in the near future.

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