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Conscious Consumer : Zero Waste Skincare – Dindi Naturals

Conscious Consumer : Zero Waste Skincare – Dindi Naturals

Hi everyone,

It’s wonderful to see that more people are starting to read these posts, it’s so inspiring for me to continue on this journey, so thank you for being here!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my all-time favourite skin-care brands, Dindi Naturals.  Dindi Naturals is a brand with a difference, they create a wide range of skincare products from beard oil to body mists, all made from 100% natural ingredients that are handmade and also very importantly environmentally friendly.

Natural skincare products has become more and more important to me over the years.  12 years ago I started getting the symptoms of Psoriasis, after taking a course of chloroquine and proguanil anti-malaria tablets whilst travelling.  Sadly what is not displayed on the packaging is that these drugs can bring out psoriasis in people who are genetically predisposed to have it.  For me this has meant 12 years so far of scalp psoriasis that is not curable but can be greatly helped by reducing the amount of chemicals that I add to my skin and body.

The first things that had to change were my shampoos and conditioners but it quickly became apparent that everything that I choose to put on or near my body can be absorbed into my body too.  For the last decade I’ve been gradually switching over to more and more natural products and now I rarely use anything that isn’t 100% natural on my skin.

So finding brands like Dindi Naturals that don’t just market themselves as an ethical / eco brand, but actually live by their values is super important to me. Not only are all of their products 100% natural (seriously, no hidden chemicals) but they also have put a lot of time and attention into the packaging that they use for their products too, making sure that their company sticks by it’s moto of ‘Skin salvation, planet protection’.

My partner Tom and I have purchased from this company a number of times now, their shop front and also their workshop is only 20 minutes from Tom’s parents property in rural Victoria, so we often purchase gifts for loved ones as well as products for ourselves here too.

The first thing that you’ll notice about these wonderful products are the smell.  Dindi Natural’s owner, Pip, has created the most wonderful line of natural skincare products that just smell divine! There’s nothing artificial here, all products are full to the brim with beautifully smelling natural ingredients that are such a treat to use.  There is a huge range of skincare and household products available for purchase, with products starting from as little as $4.50.  If you are looking for some ethical gift ideas then you should check out some of their beautiful gift sets, which come in a range of prices and are beautifully packaged.

Something else that you’ll notice about all Dindi Naturals products is that they are beautifully packaged in 100% reusable and recyclable bottles and containers.  I love supporting a company that I know cares so much about the environment and that are willing to do their bit.

Currently some of the products that I am using from Dindi Naturals are:

My most used product of theirs is definitely the sandalwood + patchouli body cream that I use everyday on my face and body as a general moisturiser.  The smell is just divine, earthy yet fresh, and the texture is luxuriously thick but melts quickly into your skin without leaving any oily residue.

If you are vegan then you’ll also love this company as they clearly mark on the website which of their products don’t contain any animal products!  Many of the products that I have chosen above do contain honey but their are plenty of vegan friendly options too!

I just love this company, and I’m so lucky to have them available so locally to me.  If you are interested in purchasing from Dindi Naturals for yourself or for ethical gift ideas then head on over to their website where you can find the full range of products for online purchase!

Until next time <3

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