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Conscious Consumer : 5 tips to curb your spending habit

Conscious Consumer : 5 tips to curb your spending habit

Whether we believe we ‘buy into it’ or not, many of us unwittingly fall into the trappings of the consumerist society we were born into.

It’s interesting to consider when we actually started to believe that the acquisition of ‘stuff’ would bring us happiness and wellbeing: was it those cartoon adverts as a child that glorified the most recent toy craze or glossy teen magazines that highlighted next seasons fashion must haves?

For most of us purchasing ‘stuff’ is a daily ritual, one that rewards heartache, sadness, good behaviour, birthdays, loneliness or just plain boredom.  But does it really bring us the satisfaction and ‘wholeness’ that we crave?

Recently Ive started to realise just how trapped I’d become in the idea that more stuff would make me happy.  When I started realising just how short-lived the enjoyment of a new purchase was it became clear to me that this was not the way I wanted to live my life anymore.

I looked at my life and saw that I was working more, so that I could buy more.  I wanted to be able to work less and live more, I wanted to have fun! I craved less clutter around me and more space to just be me, so I decided to really try to cut down on my unnecessary spending once and for all.

I tackled this by implementing these 5 techniques I’m about to share with you.  It’s my hope that you too may look a little deeper into the reasons that you spend unnecessarily and free yourself up to just live more!

Without further ado, here are my ‘Top 5 Tips To Curb Your Spending Habit’!

1/ Stop following social media accounts or reading magazines that promote fashion and makeup hauls and idolises unnecessary spending!  Look at what media you are consuming and consider just how much of it is actually just advertising that aims at getting you to buy more.

2/  Find out what your emotional shopping triggers are : are you on the way to work and feeling low about your body? On the commute home and rewarding a hard days work with some retail therapy?  Find other ways to reward yourself or show yourself love, like taking a long bubble bath or putting aside a little money each week and take a beautiful weekend trip somewhere instead.  Reward yourself with experiences instead of things.

3/  Don’t dangle the carrot under your nose : give yourself a transition time where you don’t go into shops or even look in the window shop.  Don’t allow yourself 30 minutes to shop before work if you know that’s when you’re most likely to spend.  Go for coffee with girlfriends instead of heading to the shops together.

4/  Start a spending log for a month and see clearly how much you are actually spending unnecessarily.  I use ‘Dollar Bird’ which is a free android and apple finance app that allows you to easily log and itemise your spending.  Seeing what you spend on clothes and unnecessary purchases and totalling up the costs is a great catalyst for change!

5/  Don’t let yourself buy anything right away : if you’ve walked into a shop and have your hands full with hangers and bee-lining for the cashiers, ask the cashiers to hold onto your items for half an hour or even better give yourself an evening to consider those purchases!  Often time is enough to consider if you need all or in fact any of your purchases.

It’s my wish that all people have the opportunity to experience the freedom of owning just the things that you absolutely love.  It’s amazing to relieve yourself from the stresses of debt and money-making and really live for life again!

Please do send me a comment about your experiences of reducing your spending and moving towards more conscious spending.

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